Corporate Overview

We built our success story with the well established and known Arab Supply & Trading Corporation (ASTRA) Group - a Saudi group comprising of many diverse companies with a prominent history that goes back to the late sixties. ASTRA Group's decision to enter the Telecommunications market by adding Nour Communications to its many other successful ventures was our first step. After that, there was no looking back!

Since Nour Communications establishment in 1989, we blazed our success in Saudi Arabia by being recognized by our clients as one of the largest Arab Telecommunication Contracting and System integration companies in the Middle East.

Our growth was organic and strategic. We made planned inroads into other service areas with complete research and groundwork so as to offer the best class of services from the first day of operations. Our expansion plans included the most demanding field of Energy and Energy Management, Information Technology (IT), Fiber Network Communications, Telecom and Industrial Services.


To emerge as a turn-key system provider and integrator for all the application needs of civilians, businesses and the government in the areas of Telecommunications, Energy, Optical Fibers, Electrical, Electronic, Civil and Engineering.

With that clear vision and a high set goal, we diligently started to build and produce our own shelters and towers with our management's support in establishing an internal state-of-art industrial unit. This was followed up with the instituting of an external plant that actively met the rapidly increasing demand for fiber optic cable expanding applications in Saudi.

Since the emphasis had always been to fulfill the future requirements of our clients and give them a lead in gaining the competitive edge, the management made a resolute companywide policy of delivering high quality standards of performance in every client interaction. You can clearly notice the reflection of this commitment through the entire structure of the organization that is constantly exploring ways to meet the technological challenges that are thrown at every business.

Unmatched Service

We have the capacity to quickly match our workforce, structure and financial resources to your unique needs in order to deliver the highest level of reliability and efficiency. When you choose Nour Communications for servicing your requirements, you can rest assured of stability, quality and competence in delivering the most complex solutions with an unmatched finesse.