We provide world-class training facilities for your telecom personnel through on the job training by using the existing facilities available in KSA or by setting up specific facilities for you.

Our training program is designed to deliver the knowledge and skills that qualify the trainee to work on projects from leading edge cellular and wireless companies.

Our courseware includes:

  • GSM cellular systems (overview, BSS parameters interfaces).
  • RF planning and design (system optimizations).
  • Transmission planning and MW link design.
  • MW frequency planning and interference testing.
  • Fiber optic engineering.
  • High capacity microwave equipment operation and maintenance.
  • Supervision of a GSM radio mobile network.
  • Tetra trunking systems
  • X25 / X28 / X29 protocols / frame relay.
  • Broadband network, techniques and access.
  • GSM interfaces and TEMS protocol.
  • Local area networks, their interconnection.
  • ADSL techniques.
  • Energy Generation, Transmission, and Distribution.
  • Electrical and Electronics Industry.
  • Low Current Solutions.